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-About the Author-

My name is Laura Elizabeth Charleston. I am currently a second year Undergraduate Student undertaking my BSc Zoology with Animal Behaviour Degree at Bangor University, North Wales. With large passions and admirations in the fields of: Animal Behaviour, Ethics and Welfare.

On Friday 22nd March 2019, myself, 16 other Students and our 3 Lecturers (Dr Christian Dunn, Professor Chris Freeman and Wynn Johnson) headed to Florida for a duration of 10 days in order to complete our overseas field work, focusing primarily on wetlands, necessary for the completion of our field course module (BSX-2025).

Here, I will be documenting the wonderful activities we engaged in during our Zoology field course, including trips to Nature Reserves, Swamps, Universities and The Everglades.

The aim of my blog is to share fundamental scientific research amongst in depth information and a collection of media categorised by our adventurous visits in Florida, including key concepts learned and noted about a wide diversity of plant and animal species. Alongside information shared by the knowledgable lecturers, scientists and naturalists we gladly met along the way.

Figure 1: Group photo taken during swamp wading at Florida Golf Coast University.

Figure two: Group photo taken during our trip to Naples Botanical Gardens.


I must take the time to wholeheartedly thank Bangor University for the opportunity of undertaking a fantastic overseas fieldwork trip. With special thanks to Dr Christian Dunn, Professor Chris Freeman and Wynn Johnson for the support and guidance throughout and for enabling us to engage in unforgettable experiences whilst allowing us to expand on our knowledge and understanding of various subject areas.

With special thanks and consideration to the staff and students at Florida Golf Coast University, Barefoot Beach Reserve, Lovers Key, Corkscrew Swamp and Ding Darling Wildlife Nature Refuge.

Contact details: bsub16@bangor.ac.uk

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