Extra time and various activities

Canoeing 23.02.19

Temperature: 25°c.

Location: Vester Marine Field Station (and surrounding waters) Fort Myers, FL.

Observed species behaviours:

  • Dolphin locomotive behaviour (swimming).
  • Dolphin locomotive behaviour (diving).
  • Grey Heron locomotive behaviour (flying).
  • White ibis resting behaviour (perching).

After a wonderful day spent at Lovers Key, building on our knowledge and embracing our stunning surroundings, we turned to our adventurous sides and headed out on the surrounding waters via canoe.

We split into pairs, lifting the heavy canoes from the rack to push them energetically into the water, ready to set sail.

I soon grasped the concept of the simple arm movements required in order to successfully manoeuvre the canoe (after sailing into mangrove shrubs on numerous occasions and frightening Carla with my uncertainty…)

Rowing left and right, we stopped as we became mesmerised by the dolphins diving in the not-so-far distance. They proceeded to swim joyously in friendly pods as we moved forwards and headed in the same direction.

We engaged in the canoeing activity for roughly 2 hours, before rowing back to the field station in preparation for our second debrief of the trip.

Extra time and various activities

Boat rental (02/03/2019).

Acknowledged species behaviours:

  • Dolphin locomotive behaviour (swimming).
  • Black vulture locomotive behaviour (flying).
  • Various dog species locomotive behaviour (running).
  • Various dog species active behaviour (playing).

During our final, full day in Florida (after leaving Barefoot Beach) we hired a boat from a local boat renting business (Boat Water Boat Rentals) to calmly sail over near and around Lovers Key and Bonita Springs Dog Beach.

The boats occupied a large enough capacity to fit roughly 10 people on board so we, therefore, split our large group in half and voyaged out to sea. With Prof. Chris Freeman acting as Captain for myself and the rest of the crew on-board.

Figure 82: The first sign spotted as we approached the boat rental centre, to which we hired a boat from and proceeded to steer our way around Lovers Key and other surrounding areas. 

The sea had specific speed zones highlighted throughout the journey, areas for slower steering and areas where we could really put our foot down and manoeuvre quickly through the water to our content, aswell as the dolphins who thoroughly enjoyed displaying their natural, curious behaviours as they joyfully swam through the traces left behind.

Much to our delight, the views we encountered were breathtakingly beautiful. Ranging from large American houses to magnificent bottlenose dolphins swimming playfully in the bubbles of jet skis in the distance.

Accompanied by a selection of mesmerising bird species and mangroves.

We hired the boats for a duration of 3 hours, sailing around crystal blue waters and experiencing the joyous Bonita Springs Dog Beach, located in Fort Myers. We safely anchored the boat to the sand and swam towards the dog beach located in the not-so-far distance.

Bonita Springs Dog Beach was an incredible place filled with content, energetic dogs running around joyfully along the sand or splashing in the crystal blue water. The beach was surrounded with shrubbery and mangroves to which the dogs seized for a cooling shelter if and when they required it.

I encountered the joyous experience of meeting Martha and her 15-year-old Labrador, Joey

Martha and Joey were regular visitors at Dog Beach, Joey issued me with endless cuddles as he slowly manoeuvred his way around the beach amongst his younger companions. Since Joey suffered from hip dysplasia, Martha had to be extremely cautious that he didn’t get pounced on by other playful dogs.