Welcome to my blog!

My name is Laura Elizabeth Charleston. I am currently a second year Undergraduate Student undertaking my BSc Zoology with Animal Behaviour Degree at Bangor University, North Wales. With keen interests in the fields of: Animal Behaviour, ethics and welfare.

On Friday 22nd March, 2019, myself, 16 other Students and our 3 Lecturers (Dr Christian Dunn, Professor Chris Freeman and Wynn Johnson) headed to Florida for a duration of 10 days in order to complete our overseas field work for our field course module (BSX-2025) Here, I will be documenting the wonderful activities we engaged in during our Zoology field course, including trips to Nature Reserves, Swamps, Universities and The Everglades.

I will also be sharing in depth information categorised by our visits in Florida, including key concepts learned about a wide diversity of plant and animal species. Alongside information shared by knowledgable lecturers, scientists and naturalists.

Florida field course: 22/02/2019 – 03/03/2019.

Figure 1: Group photo taken during swamp wading at Florida Golf Coast University.

Figure two: Group photo taken during our trip to Naples Botanical Gardens.